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  • Sep 22, 20141:51 PM

    Alibaba's spectacular debut & success story: Will its dominance persist as the market matures?

    Alibaba is the dominant e-commerce company in China by far, which, along with the high margins, suggests that it's the kind of natural monopoly beloved by investors. Alibaba itself attributes this to the so-called network effect.

  • Sep 5, 20149:56 AM

    How to buy at the Yahoo auction?

    The greatest interest is represented by Japanese goods, in particular automobile spare parts, accessories and accessories. It is favorable to buy tires and tubes, disks, so-called contract engines and other details for Japanese cars.

  • Aug 18, 201412:44 PM

    Secrets of Successful eBay Sellers

    From smartphones to designer shoes, action figures to antiques, sellers on can turn the contents of their attics or basements into cold, hard cash, enabling billions of dollars in transactions each year.

  • Jul 30, 20146:05 AM

    Hints To Come Across A Decent Car At Wrecked Car Auction

    The insurance trade has typical rescue auto barters. Numerous of the cars that are on exhibition in these wrecked car auctions have had mishaps. The insurance agency will settle on the choice if the cost of having the car repaired is worth the hassle...

  • Jul 16, 20141:41 PM

    eBay and fine-art auction house Sotheby's team up to offer live bidding online

    eBay and the fine-art auction house Sotheby's are teaming up to offer access to on-location auctions over the web, allowing people across the globe to bid on Sotheby's listings of antiques, artworks, and collectibles. To host the online auctions, eBay will launch a new page for auctions...

  • May 20, 201411:37 AM

    The Alibaba Effect

    Alibaba is about to make history with the first genuine mega-IPO of a Chinese entrepreneur-founded company in the United States. The numbers are historic as well – an anticipated market capitalization of some $200 billion.

  • May 8, 20146:20 AM

    How To Get Involved With Online Auctions

    Online auctions have been around now for over a decade. They have helped people find items that they simply could not find in retail stores. Alongside this, they have helped thousands of people save hundreds on the items they buy on a regular basis.

  • Apr 16, 20146:12 AM

    My Journey To Sell My Home At Auction And The Five Steps That Were Involved

    Even though auctions are traditionally more popular with paintings, antiques, and real estate foreclosures, auctions are growing in popularity among sellers with solvent, good condition homes as well. Here are a few reasons why an auction could be a good idea for you and ...

  • Apr 1, 201410:06 AM

    Internet auction outside

    Many already probably heard the phrase Internet auction, but not many know that this such. Today we will review this "animal" briefly and we will decide on the basic concepts, types and types of this representative of flora.

  • Mar 12, 201411:27 AM

    An Auction? Most EBay Users Don't Have Time for That

    The online auction is fading fast. Fewer than 15 percent of all who post EBay (EBAY)listings are opting for an auction-only sale these days, according to a paperpublished this month (PDF) by Stanford University researchers who worked with the online marketplace for their study.