How to buy at the Yahoo auction?

Japanese auction of Yakhu (Yahoo auction) – the largest trading floor of Japan, comparable with the auction. Any goods and to destination, and on quality, i.e. both clothes, and cars, and new goods, and second-hand are on sale. Naturally, are on sale not only Japanese brands, but also all others.

What it is possible to buy?

The greatest interest is represented by Japanese goods, in particular automobile spare parts, accessories and accessories. It is favorable to buy tires and tubes, disks, so-called contract engines and other details for Japanese cars.

How I can participate in auction?

Independently it is possible to participate in the auction only through the intermediary sites since Japanese demand to have the account in Japanese bank. And sellers don't ship goods outward, and for payment often don't accept plastic cards and paypal, not to mention that the auction site on Japanese.

Generally offers the intermediary site to the client:

- opportunity to carry out the auction. For example, relied through the intermediary site instantly it is displayed at auction;

- payment of goods to the seller. You can carry out payment of goods only through the intermediary site;

- correspondence with the seller and the organization of delivery to an intermediary site warehouse in Japan;

- packing of goods and preparation for sending;

- sending goods to the city of the customer.

Price and auction

On each exposed lot the seller quotes the starting price. After that process of the auction when participants of auction offer the prices for this thing begins actually. Time of the end of auction on each lot is specified in the main information placed over photos. However process of the auction has the features. We will consider the principle of the offer of rates on an example.

A certain seller offers any spare part for sale, having established the starting price of it of 1 000 yens. You decide to rely on them of 3 000 yens. It is relied, but the price becomes not 3 000 yens, and remains starting 1 000 yens. Thus, if before the end of the auction doesn't appear any more wishing to get this lot, you buy it at the starting price of 1 000 yens though put 3 000 yens.

However most likely there will be other participants of auction who will want to be overcome too for this lot. We will allow somebody puts on it 3 500 yens, in this case the price becomes 3 100 yens (the price put by you + one step (for example 100 yens)). It is natural that this participant becomes the leader on a lot.

The most optimum option – precisely to be defined what maximum sum you are ready to pay for this thing. In this case it is possible to put at once the maximum rate and everything will automatically occur. At any moment of the auction you can increase the rate regardless of that, interrupted it or not.

In many lots there is a function of autoextension of the auction. It means that in the last minutes of the auction after each rate the auction lasts for five minutes. It is made to aggravate process of the auction and to give the chance to other participants of auction to put the rates.

In some lots the seller specifies the price for which he is ready to give goods immediately, having stopped the auction on it. This price is called as the blitz price. It is specified in a yellow strip in the top part of a lot, directly under the starting price. Besides, in some lots the starting price can equal to the blitz price. It means that such lot is on sale only for this fixed price.

There are lots in which the seller specifies the certain hidden price below which he won't give goods. The starting price in that case doesn't matter and it is specified in order that it is simple to draw attention of the buyer. The hidden price isn't visible to the participant of auction and it is possible to reveal it only doing trial rates. In this case it is also necessary to solve what maximum sum you are ready to put on this lot. Having put this sum you learn, it exceeds a threshold of the hidden price or not. If the threshold of the hidden price is exceeded, the mark about existence of the hidden price disappears and further the auction on a lot takes place regularly. If the threshold of the hidden price isn't reached, your rate simply won't be included.

Whenever possible always put the maximum sum which you planned for lot purchase. If in a lot there is a blitz price and it suits you – buy a lot as at any moment of it other participant of auction can take away.

Goods delivery

After purchase the lot is delivered to an intermediary site warehouse in Japan, then the parcel is formed and sent to Russia. The minimum cost of delivery across Japan at intermediaries different, also pays off for each lot separately even if some lots are bought from one seller. Delivery of a lot is paid by the buyer. Sending to Russia is made generally by EMS mail. Exist as well other ways of delivery with which it is possible will examine directly on an intermediary site.

Anyway, you remember that the price which you put in the course of the auction is the price of a lot only in Japan at the seller. And it is natural, additional costs of delivery across Japan, a consumer tax, a bank transfer, sending to Russia, etc. be required.

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