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Many already probably heard the phrase Internet auction, but not many know that this such. Today we will review this "animal" briefly and we will decide on the basic concepts, types and types of this representative of flora.

We will begin with the basic, with concept. The Internet Auction (it "on-line auction") – the auction which is carried out by means of the Internet. Unlike usual auctions, Internet auctions are carried out at distance (remotely) and it is possible to participate in them, without being in a certain venue, staking through the site or the computer program of auction. The Internet Auction – trading floor on the Internet on which the prices are established during the public, open auction on the basis of supply and demand. Some Internet auctions can provide registration (including with monetary pledge). In electronic commerce various types of auctions are used.

We understood concepts and now in the presence of the computer, the Internet and simple skills of use of that and another it is possible to visit any website of intrenet-auction and to start trading., It seems, everything is simple, and isn't present. For a start we will deal with the main types since correctness of a choice of a necessary platform for the auction depends on it, strategy of behavior and rules, and also we will consider some features inherent in such auctions.

There are some main types of auctions:

  • Standard auction – Auction of the seller on increase of the initial price. The seller establishes the initial and wished prices, and the desirable price is unknown to participants of auction. Two options of this auction are possible. In the first the buyer who offered the greatest price of the moment of completion of auction (but not below wished), admits won auction the second — the first offered the price not below desirable;

  • The return auction – Auction of the buyer on offered the smallest price of the moment of completion of auction (but not above wished), in the second — the first offered the price not above desirable. This model works at the principle of the competition of sellers for the purpose of the conclusion of the contract at the price which isn't exceeding the established; the principle of a collapse in prices on any goods on the Internet the auction, in a random way chosen by system is also often used. It allows to buy goods with very decent discounts. As an example it is possible to give the return auction;

- The German auction – Auction of the seller on increase of the initial price. It is used at sale of party of identical goods, and goods can be bought separately by different buyers. The scheme of carrying out this auction is similar to the scheme of standard auction;

- The Dutch auction – Differs from standard auction by that the initial price is established above desirable, and then automatically decreases eventually until will be made even to the desirable price. Won the first buyer who has agreed with the current price is considered auction.

I will note that in all types of auctions in case of not achievements of the desirable price the transaction isn't made. About features there is a wish to tell about the minimum offer of the price, that is that price for which the seller agrees to sell goods or installation by the seller of time of the end of the auction.

Quite recently in the field of Internet auctions of Russia "The Scandinavian auctions" started appearing is online auctions the goods offering to buyers at low prices (10-20% of their real market value) but demanding a payment for commission of rates. In the market of Russia such auctions, the phenomenon rather new, unlike Europe.

The person who made the last rate wins. If the person who made the last rate, is insolvent, the lot, as a rule, gets to the one who made the previous rate. In electronic auctions, happens, the bargaining in that case (at not redeeming of a lot by the buyer) it is cancelled, – then the owner of a lot can expose it anew.

Now you can share with friends and the acquaintance that is Internet auction and to try to put up for sale any overlooked at you a knickknack or to participate in acquisition something standing. Successful to you auction.

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