Denis Zheltovsky (Casexe) about quality software and future of online casino

Online casino is rapidly growing gambling field, and that is hardly surprising. Today almost every player has access to World Wide Web, and it's enough to play. Companies that want to succeed in gaming industry should as soon as possible join this progressive market segment.

Where to begin? Start with choosing software for online casinos, namely start with getting to know about its potential, potential risks and intuitive use. This is what Denis Zheltovsky, representative of Casexe – company-developer in the field of online casinos, will speak about at RGW.

In this interview Dennis introduces his company, its products, talks about the prospects of virtual gambling development and about the report he brings international gaming expo-forum.

  1. Tell us about yourself, your professional achievements, the field your company works in.

Casexe is modern software developer in online gambling industry. Thanks to years of experience and professionalism of its staff and latest market research, using the latest technology company creates innovative software products for individual needs of each client. We are proud of our non-standard business vision that involves an individual approach to each client based on their wishes and possibilities.

Casexe offers its main product – platform to create customized online casino projects. Because we focus exclusively on a single product, it allows us to achieve excellent results. Our platform is open, which makes it possible to integrate any game providers and payment solutions without any restrictions, thereby allowing complete freedom of choice for online casino operators.

  1. Tell us please about the topic of report you will deliver at the conference.
    Who is it for, who surely has to visit the conference?

In the process of work and daily communication with potential customers we often face real stories about the use of, frankly, poor software and tremendous damage it causes. As a consequence, we have decided to participate in the conference delivering the report: "The choice of software for online casinos. Potential, risks, intuitiveness in using". The aim of the report is to reveal the problems of choice of software for potential operators, as well as to explain possible risks associated with use of software of unknown origin. In our report we will try to explain the main criteria for choosing software for online casino and inform about the potential of high-quality software. First of all, report should attract novice operators, but it will be no less interesting for those existing. Perhaps, after the report they will see disadvantages of software they are already using, and having avoided those disadvantages they will be able to improve their operation and will generate more profits. As they say, forewarned is forearmed.

3. Please give your assessments of current state of gambling industry. Your forecasts of its future development.

Gambling industry worldwide develops and grows. Moreover, the rate of growth is very high. Statistics and forecasts of analysts show very rosy prospects for the next five years. Despite the increased regulation in the industry in some countries, operators around the world show earnings growth, indicating high level of activity of players. Flourishing mobile and social gaming played important role in this, and that made the industry even more popular and accessible. And because gambling industry is technology intensive, emergence of new technology moves it forward. And, as one can see, there are new items emerging almost every day, so we expect further industry growth - at least in the next 5 years.

4. What, in your opinion are the benefits of participation in such a conference as RGW, what would you like to get to know at the conference and why our participants have to attend the show?

Any conference, forum or professional exhibition - is an opportunity to meet industry professionals, exchange opinions and ideas, gain knowledge and find partners. And RGW is unique in this respect. Since the CIS market has great potential, despite the tough state regulation in the field of gambling in Russia and some other countries, it is still attractive. A lot of investors from the CIS invest in gambling industry worldwide. And RGW is a place where they can learn about new industry technologies and products. I expect to receive interesting information from online gambling field. First of all, about ways to combat fraud, promote online casinos, about factors and trends that affect the industry as a whole. I think that the exhibition and conference in particular is a must-visit place for progressively minded and all those willing to work and develop their business in gambling industry.

We invite all interested experts to participate in Russian Gaming Week 2015 to be held in Moscow on 3-4 June 2015.

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