Interview for exhibition-forum Russian Gaming Week. Speaker: Zhyrihin Sergey Evgeniyevich

Interview for exhibition-forum Russian Gaming Week. Speaker: Zhyrihin Sergey Evgeniyevich, CEO WireCapital.

Tell us about yourself, your professional achievements and the sphere of your company's activity.

For the last 15 years I have been engaged in the development, monetization and provision of payment services for various Internet projects and have launched online sales channels for large Russian companies. Since 2010 I have worked directly in the electronic payments industry on the side of providers offering processing technology. Now I am the CEO of WireCapital, the international provider of electronic payments. We ensure the processing of credit cards and alternative means of payment in the markets of the European Union, the USA, Canada and the CIS countries. Recently, we have started to work in the Russian markets.

I think this is not a secret that due to the peculiarities of Russian legislation, gambling, oriented to the Russian market is legally located outside Russia. Our decisions on payments for such companies are comfortable in legal and technical sense mostly due to the large number of partner banks in different jurisdictions and own technological solutions.

Tell us about the topic of the report that you present at the conference.

The topic of my report is "From local to global: how to make a step to the world market of online gaming". I want to talk about how companies that sell their services in the local markets (for example, in Russia) may expand their presence in the world markets. For some reason, no one takes as something real a well-known thesis "The Internet has no borders". Companies stay in the local markets, believing that the world market is something strange and forbidden. And it is not a bit like this. Exactly due to the right payment services, the cooperation with international providers, the task of entering the global market becomes only the business process, not an element of black magic.

For whom will be your report, who must attend the conference?

First of all my report is for the top management of gambling industry companies, as well as for specialists in monetization, finances and development of payment services. The process of entering global market is primarily the impulse from the owner or аdministrator of the сompany, the specialists join in later. However, I think that the report will be informative for anyone interested in modern technologies of gambling industry monetization and how it works in the world.

Estimate the current state of the gambling industry. Your forecasts of its future development.

Traditionally, gambling industry is one of the largest in online business. Global companies we work with, show a constant increase in turnover, look for new markets, work on improving of payment services. We see that many local companies strive to enter the world market. People gambled at the dawn of civilization and, obviously, will always gamble. So, there may be only the most positive forecasts.

What, in your opinion, is the advantage of such conferences as RGW, what would you like to learn at the conference and why our members should come?

First of all, the advantage of RGW is that it is a thematic, specialized conference. In Russia, there are a lot of conferences on e-commerce, but they are "about everything". However, we lack narrowly focused industry conferences. At RGW, gambling industry participants can share experiences and learn some practical cases precisely from an industry interesting for them. And this is absolutely priceless information.


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