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Feb 17, 2015

Bitcoin Around the World: Ireland

“Multi-currency economies are not unusual”. “The US dollar is accepted in many economies alongside the local legal tender. Also, there are a number of regional currencies in existence in parts of France and Switzerland which aim to encourage transactions in local goods and services.”

Oct 28, 2014

BitPay Project Aims to Do for Networks What Bitcoin Did for Currency

BitPay CEO Stephen Pair made the presentation, explaining that the open-source effort is designed as a simple, secure and decentralized communications network based on bitcoin cryptography. “Foxtrot is a network that allows nodes to communicate with one another”.

Oct 23, 2014

Sidechains White Paper Imagines New Future for Digital Currency Development

The sidechains concept has long been argued as a solution to what many see as a volatile and self-damaging sector of the cryptocurrency ecosystem. Described by some as the “altcoin killer”, sidechains allow for the creation of multi-block chain ecosystems in which assets can be exchanged and...

Oct 23, 2014

The Blocknet: how it works and initial token offering rules

The idea of the Blocknet began with Dan Metcalf, a developer at XCurrency. He had been trying to solve the problem of how to build XCurrency’s ...

Oct 12, 2014

Bitcoin's Killer Apps – A Look Into the Future

Most people think about bitcoin as an alternative to something they already know, as opposed to an enabler of something they never considered.