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  • May 19, 201511:43 AM

    Six Mobile Marketing Tips for Small Businesses

    How local merchants can reach customers on their phones without driving them nuts. Mobile phones are essential to shopping these days, and a majority of cell phone owners say they’re willing to share personal data with merchants in exchange for such things as coupons and discounts.

  • Mar 3, 20152:17 PM

    As robots start to take over retail, will there be any jobs left?

    The world’s first robotized sales assistants were rolled out last month in California. Nicknamed OSHbots, the two machines cost $50,000 apiece, are 5 feet of plastic on wheels and carry built-in natural language processors, computers, product scanners and navigation tools.

  • Feb 24, 201511:31 AM

    What’s Up with WhatsApp And Payments?

    Almost exactly one year ago Facebook managed to shock just about everyone with its $19 billion dollar acquisition of chat app WhatsApp? Zuckerberg and company tried to purchase WhatsApp rival Snapchat in 2013 for $3 billion – an offer the company rebuffed.

  • Jan 27, 20159:45 PM

    Is Alibaba Poised to Buy Yahoo?

    Is Alibaba Poised to Buy Yahoo? Are rumors that Alibaba could flip the script later this year, depending on what CEO Marissa Meyer wants to do with her now lucrative Alibaba holdings at the Jan. 27 press conference.

  • Jan 23, 201510:52 AM

    Chen Calls on Congress to Mandate BlackBerry Apps

    CEO John Chen no doubt is frustrated by the lack of developer interest in BlackBerry and believes there oughtta be a law requiring what he terms "application neutrality" in a letter to Congress. lackBerry CEO John Chen set off a barrage of online chatter Wednesday when he proposed that any rules ...

  • Jan 16, 201512:32 PM

    Why Blackberry (BBRY) Buyout Rumors Could Spark Bidding War Among Tech Giants

    Rumors related to a possible acquisition of Blackberry by Samsung Group may end up starting a bidding war among tech giants, given its long list of patents assets and its attractive enterprise security features.

  • Jan 16, 20158:33 AM

    Will we Witness a Raging War Between UnionPay & Alibaba in Near Future?

    It seems that the Alibaba Group is not only a major concern for competitors in the retail sector but in the banking sector as well. The president of China UnionPay recently sent a letter to employees, which is now widely publicized in China.

  • Jan 14, 201510:48 AM

    PayPal and Microsoft punch up the POS

    Certainly not PayPal and Microsoft, who announced yesterday (Jan. 12) that its PayPal Here mobile app and card reader for merchants now supports Microsoft Surface and other Windows devices as part of its new partnership with the Seattle-based technology company.

  • Jan 13, 20159:03 AM

    Startup wants to help clients turn Instagram accounts into mobile e-commerce engines

    Allison Berliner, is co-founder & CEO of SpotItBuyIt, which helps small retailers sell more via Instagram with a mobile app. Berliner, a 2013 Wharton MBA, co-founded the startup – which launched in a trial phase called beta in November – with chief technology officer Roopak Majmudar.

  • Dec 26, 201410:08 AM

    6 Things Warren Buffett Says You Should Do With Your Money In 2015

    With the year winding down, we combed through all the advice Buffett has given us in 2014, from the sublime (“Price is what you pay, value is what you get”) to the ridiculous (“A bull market is like sex. It feels best just before it ends”).