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  • Apr 20, 20158:15 AM

    The conflict at the heart of modern money

    Recent currency innovations like Bitcoin and an economic recovery now dragging into its seventh year have led many people to question what money is–and more importantly, what it should be. Answering this question is fundamental to any attempt to transform society.

  • Mar 7, 201512:27 PM

    How to Buy Bitcoin from a Bitcoin ATM

    Knowing how to buy Bitcoin from a Bitcoin ATM is a good skill to have as the digital currency goes mainstream. Today about 82,000 merchants accept Bitcoin - more than double the number just one year ago. As more merchants accept Bitcoin, there's a growing need to buy Bitcoin "on the go.

  • Feb 17, 201511:54 AM

    Bitcoin Around the World: Ireland

    “Multi-currency economies are not unusual”. “The US dollar is accepted in many economies alongside the local legal tender. Also, there are a number of regional currencies in existence in parts of France and Switzerland which aim to encourage transactions in local goods and services.”

  • Jan 26, 20158:04 AM

    Coinbase Secures Approval to Launch Regulated US Bitcoin Exchange

    Bitcoin services provider Coinbase is set to launch a US exchange on Monday – one reportedly already approved by regulators in 24 jurisdictions, including California and New York. Coinbase has until now acted largely as a brokerage for bitcoin users ...

  • Jan 22, 20158:22 AM

    Mastercoin Seeks Second Start With Omni Reboot

    Mastercoin's leadership team admits it has been fighting an uphill battle. The project, one of the first in the crypto 2.0 space – perhaps by virtue of its early status andpublic controversies – continues to be dogged by outspoken critics who seek to decry the project as dead.

  • Jan 12, 20158:47 AM

    Bitcoin Makes Notable Appearance at CES Despite Recent Scandal

    Bitcoin made its presence known at the International Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas this week in the face of heightened speculation about recent controversies in the industry. In the days leading up to one of the most high-profile conventions in the tech industry...

  • Dec 29, 201411:18 AM

    Coinbase Is Tracking How Users Spend Their Bitcoins

    Coinbase has recently been demonstrating why consumer regulation is such a problem. The company seems to be tracking what their customers are buying with Bitcoin and closing any accounts involved in transactions that the company objects to.

  • Dec 26, 201410:08 AM

    6 Things Warren Buffett Says You Should Do With Your Money In 2015

    With the year winding down, we combed through all the advice Buffett has given us in 2014, from the sublime (“Price is what you pay, value is what you get”) to the ridiculous (“A bull market is like sex. It feels best just before it ends”).

  • Nov 17, 20142:49 PM

    Western Union CIO: Bitcoin No Solution for Today's Market

    For Western Union chief information officer John “David” Thompson, bitcoin represents an innovative technology that, if successful, could significantly impact the way people transact and exchange information...

  • Oct 31, 20149:02 AM

    Ex-SEC Chief: Bitcoin Companies Need Compliance To Succeed

    The former Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) chairman Arthur Levitt discussed the evolving regulatory landscape for bitcoin companies and the commission's ability to keep up with fast-paced technological changes in a wide-ranging interview on Bloomberg TV yesterday.