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  • Jul 28, 201512:47 PM

    New Service Finds Optimum Bitcoin Transaction Fee

    A new service, CoinTape, is offering bitcoin users an answer to the common question: what is the optimum transaction fee? Using network data from the past three hours, the service lets users compare the current waiting times associated with various fee tiers, calculated in satoshis per byte.

  • Jul 23, 20158:03 AM

    Golden Race – demo zone participant at Kazakhstan Gaming Congress

    Dear friends, we continue to present the companies that will showcase their products in demo zone at Kazakhstan Gaming Congress on August 20 in Almaty. Golden Race is among the manufacturers who are willing to present their development .

  • Jul 22, 201511:37 AM

    Alexander Doroshenko: increasing credibility of bookmaker website by offering reliable payment servi

    Therefore, to help participants to understand mechanisms of enhancing website credibility, Alexander Doroshenko - co-founder and Director on development of payment system Wooppay, working with the largest betting companies of Kazakhstan will speak at Kazakhstan Gaming Congress.

  • Jul 16, 201510:02 AM

    Digital Advocacy Groups Critical of California Bitcoin Regulation

    In the latest bill analysis on AB-1326, filed on 13th July, the Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) andCopia Institute entered opposition arguments, a position that places them at odds with bitcoin advocacy firm Coin Center, which has called the newest version "vastly better" in interviews and ...

  • Jul 16, 20158:32 AM

    Google tests buy button form mobile ads

    Google has begun testing a buy button that lets smartphone users click on selected search ads to go to a product page where they can complete a purchase. The new feature, called Purchases on Google, is being trialled by a small number of firms ...

  • Jul 15, 20153:22 PM

    Xignite and Nasdaq to power startups with cloud-based market data API

    Cloud-based data supplier Xignite is to provide fintech startups with low-cost API access to real-time market data quotes from Nasdaq. The feed will pump real-time Best Bid and Offer (QBBO) and Last Sale information for all US Exchange listed stocks to third party apps and Websites.

  • Jul 15, 20151:28 PM

    Blockchain Investment Firm Coinsilium to IPO in London

    Blockchain-focused investment company Coinsilium has announced it intends to IPO on AIM, a sub-market of the London Stock Exchange. The company, which invests in early-stage blockchain startups, is due to float on AIM next month.

  • Jul 14, 20153:43 PM

    AliPay App Gets a New Name and a Big Upgrade

    The AliPay mobile app, formerly AliPay Wallet, is now known as AliPay 9.0 and has been designed to improve the experience that over 400 million annual subscribers in China receive through the online payment system ...

  • Jul 13, 20154:04 PM

    PayPal Is UK’s Most Trusted Wallet

    As Apple Pay makes its way to the UK this month, its biggest challenge may be overcoming PayPal. According to a new study from Forrester, PayPal is currently the UK's most trusted wallet. The research shows only 27% of UK consumers trust Apple Pay to ...

  • Jul 3, 20153:30 PM

    Franklin Levy, representative of Big Lifestyle and Development will speak at Kazakhstan Gaming Congr

    Establishment of new integrated resort Tengri with area of ​​1600 square acres turns Kazakhstan into one of gambling industry leaders in the Eurasian continent. According to the plan,Tengri will be built along the Great Silk Road (promising transportation line connecting Beijing and Amsterdam) ...