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  • Jul 3, 201512:17 PM

    Paypal Shuts Down in Greece - Bitcoin Still Operates

    Capital controls imposed by the Greek government mean that Greek citizens can only withdraw 60 euros (effectively 50 euros after ATMs have run out of 20 euro notes) and online payment service, PayPal, has been left crippled, as a result. PayPal relies on the traditional banking sector and ...

  • Jul 3, 201510:12 AM

    A Visit To Royal Plaza Casino Is Planned Within The Framework Of The Event

    Dear friends, we hasten to inform you about the casino that you will be able to visit during a business tour to the best gambling establishments of Kapchagay, which will be held on August 21 in the framework of Gaming Congress Kazakhstan. Please meet Royal Plaza casino!

  • Jul 3, 20158:13 AM

    Princess Diana's Iconic Versace Dress Sold forHow Much in Auction?

    It’s been almost 20 years since Princess Diana’s death, but her style continues to command an incredible amount of attention – and money. The royal’s iconic embellished Atelier Versace gown went up for auction a few weeks ago and officially closed with a $200,000 final bid.

  • Jul 2, 201512:01 PM

    Visa changes could halt Macau decline

    Macau’s dreadful gaming performance entered a second year as it recorded a 13th consecutive month of decline, but transit visa changes could be good news for the Chinese resort. Macau’s dreadful gaming performance entered a second year as it recorded a 13th consecutive month of decline ...

  • Jul 2, 201510:48 AM

    Delaware Bank Launches Card-Free ATM Machine

    WSFS Bank, a small financial institution in Wilmington, Delaware, has launched a new ATM that does not require a card or PIN to access. The machine could mark a new standard in ATM banking as more consumers seek out mobile banking convenience.

  • Jul 2, 20159:12 AM

    Unconfirmed Report Details $5 Million Bitstamp Bitcoin Exchange Hack

    Six employees of Bitstamp were targeted in a weeks-long phishing attempt leading up to the theft of roughly $5m in bitcoin in January, according to an incident report said to be drafted internally by the bitcoin exchange ...

  • Jul 2, 20158:15 AM

    PayPal’s Buyer Protection For Digital Goods Goes Live

    The April 30 announcement from PayPal about providing buyer protection for digital goods has finally gone into effect. Starting yesterday (July 1), the payment processing company will expand its global buyer protection to intangible goods.

  • Jul 1, 20152:03 PM

    Fido Alliance adds authentication support for NFC and BLE

    The Fido Alliance has added new NFC and Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) transport protocols to its Universal Second Factor (U2F) authentication specification. “With these new transport specifications, Fido U2F is appropriate for mobile and wireless applications and ...

  • Jul 1, 201511:01 AM

    Amazon Delivers One-Hour Service To London

    Amazon’s Prime Now service, which offers one-hour delivery from local stores, is now also available in London. Amazon follows Apple’s track by launching Prime Now in London, its first launch outside of the U.S.

  • Jul 1, 20158:43 AM

    Bitcoin entrepreneurs invent means of data sharing with total privacy

    Two Bitcoin entrepreneurs, Oz Nathan and Guy Zyskind along with MIT’s Media Lab have developed Enigma, a system which allows total privacy when sharing data on cloud-hosted servers, based entirely on the cryptography behind Bitcoin.