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  • Jun 30, 201512:46 PM

    eBay UK Responds To Consumers After Coupon Flub

    EBay UK’s promotional campaign that launched on June 15 backfired after its 20 percent off coupon redemption code failed to work... This week – 10 days after the initial problem – the marketplace sent an email to a customer who did make a purchase on June 15 but was unable to ...”

  • Jun 30, 201510:03 AM

    Half of Americans Use Mobile Banking App at Work

    Over half of Americans (54%) use mobile banking apps at work, and 1 in 10 have used it while in a client meeting, according to a new survey from Chase. The study found that mobile banking app usage has increased by 33% from 2014 to 2015.

  • Jun 30, 20158:28 AM

    Barclaycard launches second generation bPay wearable payment devices

    Barclaycard has unveiled a second generation of its bPay wristbands and is to add contactless-enabled keyfobs and stickers to the range of bPay devices that will be made available for purchase on 1 July ...

  • Jun 29, 20159:48 AM

    Amazon to offer loans to sellers in China, 7 other countries Inc will launch its business loan program for small sellers later this year in eight more countries including China, where credit is becoming a key factor in competing for new vendors and grabbing market share.

  • Jun 29, 20158:02 AM

    Amazon throws in $100 million, developer tools to open Echo's Alexa ecosystem

    Amazon's Echo is being opened up to developers and third party hardware vendors as the e-commerce giant moves to expand the Alexa ecosystem. Amazon is moving to build an ecosystem for Alexa, the voice service that is the brain of Echo, via a software developer kit ...

  • Jun 26, 201510:01 AM

    Alibaba affiliate launches Internet bank for SMEs, 'little guys'

    Alibaba Group Holding Ltd's financial affiliate launched on Thursday Internet bank MYbank, targeting the small- and medium-sized Chinese enterprises that have struggled to obtain credit from major financial institutions.

  • Jun 26, 20158:35 AM

    Over 20,000 Retailers in Japan to Start Accepting Bitcoin Payments

    Bitcoin exchange Quoine and payments network Econtext recently struck a deal that can allow over 20,000 online and physical retailers in Japan to start accepting bitcoin payments soon. Merchants that are already using Econtext’s payment processing services in thousands of online ...

  • Jun 25, 20154:03 PM

    McGee Group adds NFC inspection tags to trucks

    Truck drivers from UK-based construction firm McGee Group can now log their daily vehicle inspections by tapping a tablet or smartphone against NFC tags mounted on their lorries, using a platform supplied by mobility solutions provider Mobilengine.

  • Jun 25, 20152:15 PM

    Amazon’s voice-driven home shopping device available for pre-order in the US

    US consumers will soon be able to reorder supplies and control their home appliances using Amazon Echo, the connected device that uses voice recognition to complete spoken commands to shop, play music, read the news and more.

  • Jun 25, 201512:03 PM

    FTC Warns Consumers of Bitcoin Shopping Risks

    The US Federal Trade Commission (FTC) has penned a new blog post aiming to give advice to consumers who may pay for products with digital currencies such as bitcoin. Written by Kristin Cohen of the FTC's Office of Technology Research and Investigation, the postoutlines the types of ...