eBay and Sotheby’s Launch Live Auction Site (At Last)

Today (March 17) will be marked by two things – wearing green and bidding online. The former is because it is St. Patrick’s Day, the latter because, after a long run-up, eBay and Sotheby’s are finally getting their combined online auction site off.

Sotheby’s live auction page will go live in eBay today – this will mean that “real world” auctions will be going on live and will be tied in, real-time, to the eBay platform, reports PYMNTS.

This natural enough seeming partnership – Sotheby’s is known for its rare, highly valuable inventory while eBay has a decade’s worth of online auction technology – was announced last summer. The pairing carries benefits for both sides. Sotheby’s gets to tap into a younger and more digital client base, and eBay gets a chance to expand both its user base and its inventory.

“We’re seeing appetite for high purchase points across the site,” says Megan Ford, director of eBay’s live auctions. “We went into the bullion category at this high price point and we went into the vehicles category, and every time we move up market our buyers come with us,” she says.

Mar 17, 2015, 2:21 PM
Mar 3, 201511:01 AM

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