eBay Enterprise Creates THE SHOP To Drive Commerce

eBay has announced the formation of THE SHOP through its eBay Enterprise unit, and says the agency will be among the first to “focus entirely on designing and driving commerce.” It is reported PAYMENTS.

The news comes as a bit of a reminder that not everything about the company must be put in the context of PayPal and the impending split between the two into two separate and publicly traded companies. Earlier this year eBay said it would be looking to sell, or perhaps IPO the Enterprise unit, which in the latest quarter had revenues of $289 million, or roughly two percent of the company-wide top line.

The agency, which in turn will be part of eBay’s Enterprise Agency brand, will use market research and other data to create consumer experiences that will also drive web traffic and sales for clients. eBay said THE SHOP will use platforms including Magento and eBay Enterprise, noting that the former is built upon an open source model. Services offered range from strategy and analytics to copywriting to studio production.

The Internet giant pointed to clients including Alex and Ani, Lucky Brand and Nobel Biocare.

“Because THE SHOP is so engaged with our commerce marketing technology, including affiliate marketing, attribution, database and CRM, email marketing, retargeting, online display and mobile advertising, the team has direct knowledge about what is working, channel by channel, every day,” said Stephen Denton, vice president and GM of Marketing Solutions at eBay Enterprise, in the statement announcing THE SHOP.

THE SHOP, in describing its staffing and global reach, said it employs 250 strategists, creative professionals and researchers across 12 global offices. The agency says it has five photo studios and three usability labs.

Jun 4, 2015, 10:32 AM
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